Acer Aspire V5



I have always had a bad impression on Acer machines. I first encountered them while giving computer training to some Bank Negara employees who were using Acer notebooks. The notebooks were fairly new @ 6 months of use but so many parts were already faulty like failed touch pads, keyboards etc. Sure they looked nice but if they were in such bad shape after a few months, I would never recommend anyone buying it. Probably it was a bad batch but this influenced me on the Acer brand for a long time. My next encounter with the Acer machines were the Acer Aspire desktops used at a college I was teaching. There were frequent break downs and the experienced technician friend (also shares my name, Andrew) always berated the brand. just made a review on the new Acer Aspire V5, a windows 8 notebook with touch screen that goes under RM 2000!!

In fact he wrote a glowing review on the machine here. As with all Acer notebooks, it sure looks good. And based on LiewCF review, the machine is quite decent. Also note that LiewCF himself would not get the under powered machine but he thought it was suitable for his relative, a cousin in law.

Then again, being suspiciousI did a little digging and there were definite minus points to this model besides the underpowered CPU too.

Read PC World’s review of it titled “Acer V5 Beauty with no Brains“. I am glad I’m not the only one who thinks Acer notebooks look good on the outside but a little crappy on the inside.

Basically the battery life is poor with only slightly more than 3 hours. Personally, I think uou’d be better off with Asus Vivo books Win 8 @ RM 1299 without touch screen but battery life of 5 hours ++.

Still, the Acer Aspire V5 is bound find many buyers as many base  good looks and price points as their main buying criteria.


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