Make your TV smarter–install Chessbase and Stockfish on it!


I know I am behind the times when my ex-student have to tell me that you can now fit a PC on a USB stick! I didn’t know that till today.


More accurately you can run an Android device as a mini PC connected to your TV via the HDMI connection. It has a processor, WiFi connection, USB connection to accept portable hard disk to view movies and runs Android 4.0.

You can even connect a wireless mouse and keyboard to this USB stick!




With Android OS, this makes it possible for chess players to run Chessbase online for DB reference and Stockfish as analysis engine. Imagine that. A device the size of a USB thumbdrive capable of letting you do almost everything you need for chess preparation from a hotel room using just a HDMI capable TV and WiFi !

cbonline stockfish

Best of all, the price for the above USB device starts at RM 160 for the Rikomagic II. The newer Rikomagic III costs RM 280 with faster processor and more memory.

Of course if you have an Android phone with HDMI out capabilities, then doing the above is no big deal to you but that also means you have a phone that is at least over RM 1000. For those without these Android phones, the cheaper thumbdrive alternative is attractive.


If the processing power on the USB stick is not enough for your chess analysis, there are Android apps (like Unified Remote) that lets you connect remotely to your more powerful PC at home where you can set it to do the more serious chess analysis and collect the results later. Of course this require that you leave your PC at home on so it can be accessed via the Internet.

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